Carrots, by a landslide!

By George Hunka


Bugs Bunny is one happy rabbit this morning.

On Thursday, November 21st, the PS 150 WHAM (Wellness, Health and Movement Committee) provided students another opportunity to participate in a vegetable taste test. Each child was offered samples of carrots and radishes, which were generously donated by the Battery Urban Farm. The winner of the taste test was … CARROTS!!!! (By a landslide vote of 132 to 30!!)

WHAM has also announced that, because an outdoor garden at PS 150 seems nearly impossible due to various factors, the school’s first hydroponic system for the children to plant and harvest their own greens will open in the Pre-K classroom, and all of the older grades can visit the system to learn more about it. Soon, WHAM will be able to offer students greens that will be grown in their own school.

PS 150 students will enjoy another taste test later this month. For now, though, when it comes to crunchy veggies for your kids, keep the carrots close to hand, and enjoy the poor radish yourselves.


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