Tomorrow Night: Forum on Common Core with John King

New York State Education Commissioner John King.

New York State Education Commissioner John King.

By George Hunka

Tomorrow night — Wednesday, December 11, 2013 — Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is sponsoring a public forum on Common Core standards with State Education Commissioner John King, who will be there to hear your thoughts and take your questions. The forum begins at 6:00pm and will be held at the Spruce Street School, 12 Spruce Street.

“I understand there is controversy surrounding this issue and that opinions about the new curriculum vary widely,” Silver writes; here’s an opportunity to air your thoughts and ask your questions of those responsible for implementing the standards. To read more about the Common Core standards, visit the Web site for the initiative here.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Night: Forum on Common Core with John King

  1. Anything new will have a few bumps in the road and take some getting used
    to, but the move to the the Common Core is positive. No doubt evaluating
    or paying teachers based on one test score is not a good idea. (Some
    states like Florida even give unfair bonuses to top schools when they
    should devote more resources to poor performing schools.) Student
    backgrounds clearly will play a part in how well kids perform. However,
    having a universal set of goals for our country set by educators seems
    reasonable. Please feel free to share your opinion at this meeting. Hope you to see several PS 150 families at this event.


  2. After attending last night’s very spirited meeting, I have a deeper understanding that the goals of the Common Core are welcomed by most principals, teachers, parents and students. However, the real problem is in the implementation. Many teachers in schools with limited resources were not given the materials or training before their students were tested — clearly unfair. Parents with special needs children shared how discouraging and inflexible the test is for their kids. Capturing private student data on InBoom was also a big concern especially since all states except NY have backed away from using. Parents asked have an “opt out” option especially for IEP/medical information.


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