Starts this week: The Family Storytelling Project

Bill Gordh. Photo: John K. Kraus.

Bill Gordh. Photo: John K. Kraus.

By George Hunka

How we perceive, remember and tell our own stories help us define who we are. … Sharing these stories builds our community.
Bill Gordh

Reserve a morning or afternoon this Saturday, February 8, for a workshop with famed storyteller Bill Gordh. For more than ten years, Bill has inspired kids and their families with stories from around the world. He’ll share his own stories while inspiring and guiding you and your children to recall and retell your own family stories — whether it’s a narrative passed down through the generations, a simple tale of kindness, or a funny vacation story. He’ll help you and your family find the words to tell your tale and the images to create a poster that illustrates your family story.

On Thursday, February 13, we’ll all gather at the IPN Community Center for the PS 150 Family Storytelling Evening. Over a pot-luck dinner, you’ll have the chance to share your story with other participants and see the art/story posters.

Bill has been a treasured part of PS 150 for the past four years — if you’re a veteran storytelling participant or a newcomer, you’ll be more than welcome, and no preparation is necessary! To register for the workshop, contact Lisa Midyette at — and look in your email box and your children’s backpacks for more information.


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