The Downtown Kindergarten Situation Worsens; Take Action by Joining “Build Schools Now”

The annual agony of Downtown parents of Kindergarten-aged children worsened this week with the publication of two recent articles (DNAInfo: “Downtown Kindergartens Flooded With Even More Applicants Than Last Year“; Tribeca Trib: “Downtown ‘K’ Registration Soars as City Rejects Plea for Added Seats“) saying the number of applicants for seats at our zoned public schools has increased from last year. Here are the numbers:

  • PS 234: 177 zoned students applied for 125 Kindergarten seats, up from 173 in 2013
  • PS 276: 157 zoned students applied for 100 Kindergarten seats, up from 140 in 2013
  • Spruce Street: 89 zoned students applied for 75 Kindergarten seats; no information was released regarding 2013, but 2014 will be the first year the school will be over-subscribed
  • Peck Slip: 86 zoned students applied for 50 Kindergarten seats, up from 60 in 2013

No numbers were published regarding PS 89. Also, let’s not forget that some of these seats will automatically go to siblings, so the number of free spaces is in fact smaller.

As for our own PS 150, over 500 applicants have been received for Kindergarten, but this number likely includes children living outside of District 2.

Frustrated by the Department of Education’s perennial inability to address Lower Manhattan’s overcrowding issue, a group of PS 150 parents have started Build Schools Now, a political action committee to promote awareness of the urgent need to build public schools downtown.

Please attend an organizing party for Build Schools Now this Friday, March 7 at 6pm at the home of Buxton & Lisa Midyette. All are welcome, particularly new parents of children under 4 who are hoping to enter the public school system. Details of the event can be found here.


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