An honor to be nominated — but a greater honor to win!

By George Hunka

789Recognize your child’s teacher at PS 150 by nominating them for this year’s “Blackboard Award for Teachers,” administered by Manhattan Media and which will be presented on Monday, June 2nd, at Scholastic.

Since 2002, The Blackboard Awards have been honoring excellence in education in New York City, celebrating schools, principals and teachers from all education communities — public, private, parochial and charter — and from all grade levels from nursery school through high school. The organization welcomes nominations for any specialization: be it math, science, the arts, special needs, languages, history, the environment, etc., as well as general grade level instruction.

You can make your nominations at The recipients are selected through a combination of factors, but volume of nominations is a big part, as are the details that are put into each nomination – you’ll find at the form a box that asks you to explain why you’re nominating that particular teacher.

Now’s the time: the deadline for nominations is May 1, 2014, so vote today!


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