Action Needed Today

Relaying a message from NYC Kids PAC, a political action committee devoted to issues surrounding NYC public schools, started by a group of District 2 parents. The issue concerns a budget vote in Albany today that would fund charter schools over traditional public schools and give them preference over any space in an NYC public school building. NYC Kids PAC urges concerned parents to call their legislators in Albany today and ask them to vote against the bill. Click here for the full release.


2 thoughts on “Action Needed Today

  1. Please keep in mind that the beneficiaries of charter schools are not corporations or Hedge Fund Managers–they are children and families in the undeserved neighborhoods of this city. Many are zoned for and attend failing public schools. All parents want quality education for their children,and the DOE has a long track record of running schools in poor neighborhoods that would be unacceptable to parents with the time, and resources to demand or organize for better options. I would encourage people to consider how signing on to these petitions will effect educational opportunities for those not fortunate enough to have access to quality DOE run schools.


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