Don’t let your kids grow up to be bullies

By George Hunka

On Wednesday, April 30, at 6.00pm, Dr. Joel Haber will lead a discussion on “Bullying and Cyberbullying: From the Jungle Gym to the Corporate Boardroom” at the Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center, 120 Warren Street. This free Parenting Workshop, the second in a series, will focus on the extreme form of aggression known as “bullying,” a type of behavior that a child might also take with him or her into later life:

Bullying is on every parent’s radar screen, and it has become more scary and worrisome with cyberbullying concerns. This program will help you understand what the real definition of bullying is, how to recognize the signs, talk to your children about it, and come up with solutions. It will help you clear up misunderstandings about the dynamics of bullying and why it is so pervasive, even continuing into the corporate world. It will help you identify those youth who use bullying behavior and get away with it, those who are targeted and how to rally the troops to reduce bullying. Learn the skills and solutions to help our community’s children and reduce bullying. Come begin the discussion!

Admission is free, but you must register for the event here, where you’ll also find more information.


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