K Notices Out; Downtown Advocates Meet Chancellor

Kindergarten placements for the 2014-15 school year were issued at the end of April, and while this year’s new enrollment system resulted in fewer children being placed on wait lists, the effects of insufficient school seats continue to be a problem in Lower Manhattan.

According to this Apr. 25 article* in the Tribeca Trib:

A record number of kindergartners, in seven classes, are slated to attend Tribeca’s P.S. 234, said Principal Lisa Ripperger. Terri Ruyter noted that 50 zoned children are without seats at her P.S. 276 in Battery Park City. The Peck Slip School is becoming “very tight” in its temporary quarters in the Tweed Courthouse, said Principal Maggie Siena, with 25 of its projected 105 kindergartners coming from the wait list for P.S. 276.

Our own PS 150 continues with its single Kindergarten class.

Following the announcement, downtown school advocates and elected officials met for the first time with Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña to reiterate the plea for more school seats downtown for the 2017-18 school year. Chancellor Fariña was reported to have been “receptive.”

“I do hear you,” Farina said in brief remarks. “When you fight for some­thing you want to get some of the re­wards, and I’m hearing 2017. I circled it.”

*Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for a segment on Build Schools Now!


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