Walk the Walk

Among the reasons many of us choose to send our children to our local public school is the fact the school is local, close to home and therefore, presumably, requiring only a short commute along well-lit roads, with wide sidewalks and clearly marked intersections.

Unfortunately, some students at PS-IS 276 in South Battery Park City face a walk to school that is plainly treacherous. These students are in the third through eighth grades and live in the Financial District, far enough that they must walk across some of Lower Manhattan’s busiest streets and the West Side Highway, yet not so far that they qualify for transportation on the school bus that is already bringing younger children, including their own siblings, to the same school.

Parents have repeatedly petitioned the Office of Pupil Transportation to allow these older children on the bus, but so far their requests have been denied. Yet these parents are not backing down, and tomorrow morning they are inviting supporters and interested parties to join them on the same walk they and their children face every school day. Show your support and meet them on Thursday, June 12 at 7:50AM on the southeast corner of Wall and William Streets. Other PS 150 parents will be there.



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