Family Skating Fun



Not the best photos, but odds are 8/10 people here are from PS 150.

I admit taking my kids ice skating was the last thing I wanted to do yesterday morning, but thankfully I decided not to be so lazy! We had a fantastic turnout yesterday for our Family Skate at the South Street Seaport, with families from Pre-K through 5th Grade enjoying practically balmy weather; a lovely, intimate rink; and pure, simple fun. Ice skating is one of those rare activities that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy at the same time and in the same space, and it was so nice seeing all the kids skating along and around one another, and occasionally helping each other out. It was my kids’ first time on ice, and when my Pre-K’er took one of many spills, a 5th Grader stopped to help pull her up.

Thank you to all our families who came out yesterday, and a very special thank you to the Howard Hughes Corporation for extending the neighborhood discount to everyone in our group, and then donating all proceeds back to our PTA. This was an unexpected development, but one for which we are very grateful!

We are hoping to get everyone together for another skate before the rink closes this month, so please stay tuned!


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