Reminder: Order Your Yearbook by May 18


For the first time ever, PS 150 is publishing a school-wide yearbook. The book, produced by our partners at TreeRing, will include the individual and class photos taken earlier this year by Stomping Ground, as well as photos of classroom activities and school events taken by teachers and parents. If that is not enough, you also will have the option to create two customized pages for your child that will appear in your child’s yearbook alone. This gives you the chance to create a very personal yearbook that you and your child will cherish forever!

The price of the yearbook, including the two optional custom pages, is $25. Orders placed by Monday, May 18 will receive free shipping to the school and earn our PTA a significant $10 per book, so do not delay! You may still order after this deadline, but you will have to pay for home delivery, and there will be no benefit to our PTA.

To order online, go to TreeRing to create an account. Our passcode is: 101421243837838.

P.S. to our 5th Grade parents: The 5th Grade class is still publishing its own yearbook, but please consider ordering the school book as well, especially for the opportunity to add photos of your child from your own collection.

P.P.S.: Thank you to 1st Grade parent Alison Yi for driving this project and acting as Yearbook Editor!


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