Have You Seen Our Amazing Yearbook?


The front cover!

At pick-up yesterday the plaza was unusually still. There was very little of the typical running, jumping, and hollering, and even the normally boisterous soccer game at the far end had fewer players. Instead, children sat alone or in groups, on the ground or against a wall. I didn’t know what had taken possession of them until I saw them waving these white books in their hands, and then I realized: the yearbooks are in!

If you’ve already looked at one, I think you’ll agree that the book is an adorable and complete record of the past school year, with photos of all our classes, students, and staff; the PTA and SLT; and memorable school-wide events such as the Blue Ribbon celebration, Taste of Tribeca, and the NYC Museum. Editor and parent Alison Yi did a tremendous job creating this wonderful keepsake for us all, and we owe her a million thanks!

If you did not order a yearbook, the PTA has extra copies for purchase for $25 per book. Please see the office for details.

Finally, Alison would like to start preparations for next year’s book in the fall and she is looking for help with photos and copy. If you are interested, please drop her a line via her email address found in the student directory.


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