Appy Now?

By George Hunka

children_must_have_ipad_appsIf you’re like those parents a few decades ago who tried to keep their kids from TV — well, like those parents, you won’t be able to keep your kids from your iPhone or other computers either. Whether your children are four or 14, tablet and handheld computers are here to stay — and who knows? In a few years, “textbooks” will be a thing of the past; instead of lugging pounds of books home from school, students will likely be toting along a thin computer on which all of their textbooks and homework will be kept, along with their Facebook accounts and everything else.

As the parent of two girls — one just turned five, the other to turn four next year — I’m in the same boat. But the question arises: What are the best educational (and entertaining!) apps for your kids? Share your suggestions in the comments section to this post, along with your guess as to what age group would be most appropriate for them, and a few notes on the app itself. If we get enough responses, we’ll post a “Top 10 Apps for Kids” to round up the contributions.